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Monday, December 06, 2010


Yup, the web is abuzz these days with the release of the diplomatic "secrets". There are a lot of reports about the DNS failure of the domain, soon replaced by the, and wikileaks.xx and and mirrors popping up all over the place.
That prompted me to make a small donation to Julian Asanje's defense fund:
From my gesture, you can conclude I support open gummint, accountability to citizens and control of the demos.
I'm quite pleased that the French gummint is trying to kick WikiLeaks from the servers that host it (those servers are on French soil), as it shows they have something to fear from the revelations. So far, most publications have covered fairly innocuous comments regarding our national midget. Nothing new there. I particularly look forward to cables pertaining to the Terrorist sinking of the Rainbow Warrior in 1985, perpetrated by the French gummint, and the Terrorist attacks on French citizens in Pakistan when France stopped paying back-handers that were financing political parties for the 1995 election campaign...