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Monday, July 18, 2005

Global warming. A reality.

Storm damage We had a mini tornado today. While this belongs to the category of "unusual events", to me it is pretty revealing of the instability that characterises weather more and more in the last few years.

The warming per se might not be very high, but the variations are getting more extreme. We've had a very cold winter this year, and this summer is close to being one of the hottest yet.

Storm damage

Just for the story, a neighbour measured some of the first hailstones yesterday, they were about 35mm (that's about 2.5 inches, for you non-metric folks).

Anybody not concerned by climate warming issues is either a fool, or part of the hypocrit group of profiteers that also benefit from petrol, arms and defense industries. (Does "shrub" give you a clue?)

Have a look at for some data.

I have seen it with my own eyes: some of the glaciers I visited when I was a kid aren't there anymore, they're a few hundred meters up, and that's quite a few tons of water...

The state of the forests is degrading. It's high time everybody started thinking about it. This is not an issue for scientist to debate. Politicians and businessmen have too much invested in the status quo to do anything about it. This is a societal issue: as long as demokracy/kapitalism is the only system promoted, to the detriment of humane development, nothing significant will be done to address the problem.

What are WE going to do about this?


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