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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Sunday breakfast...

Sunday breakfast... by ParaScubaSailor
Sunday breakfast..., a photo by ParaScubaSailor on Flickr.
... that I wish I'd had on Saturday.

On Saturday morning, I met with my cousin and some of her friends for breakfast on the beachfront, She had booked a table at Blue Waters Cafe, and it was a magnificent morning. There were lots of people milling about, as usual on a beautiful Sunday in Port Elizabeth, quite a few divers too.
The view from the balcony or the dining room is stunning. When the waitress gave us the menus, I chose the "Salmon Breakfast". Scrambled eggs and salmon on wholewheat toast with cottage cheese and capers sounded very appetizing.
A few minutes later, we were advised by the kitchen that they had run out of wholewheat bread, would we mind brown bread? What was our choice?
Anyway, the company was good, which was fortunate, as the breakfasts arrived after a looooong wait.
And what a disappointment it was!
A white plate you get in most canteens, with two slices of toast in the middle and a couple of lumpy scrambled eggs speckled with pinkish bits, and a tiny bowl with cheese mixed with bits of capers.
It really looked like nothing. Talk about unmet expectations...
Then, at the end of the meal, the waitress came to us with an iPad to "get our feedback", but the feedback form had no question about the food, it looked designed to catch the service personnel that was not friendly enough.
Wake up!!! How difficult is it to serve something that matches the surroundings?


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