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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Al Jazeera targetted?

I've been reading an article on the Democracy Now website about the controversy that's hit the media lately. Did Bush plan on bombing the Al Jazeera offices?

Well, I'm prepared to give the shrub the benefit of the doubt for a few minutes, but let's just look at history: how many times were Al Jazeera offices targetted in the past?

It all comes down to the identification of Al Jazeera as the Al Qaeda mouthpiece. In the shrub's mind, there's no place for half measures: you're with us or against us. Al Jazeera are not imbedded, so they must be against the US.

There's even another revealing fact: both names start with Al!

If my name was Al Pacino or Al Franken, I'd start worrying about my future...


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