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Saturday, August 31, 2013

World War Three ?

My thoughts after watching this video:
I think it's oversimplified and dramatized for effects, leaves out a few key points, but overall pretty accurate. That's the world history since 1945 seen in an American-centric way. A lot of the events he cites are accurate (adoption of the $ as universal trading currency, drop of gold convertibility, 1st invasion of Iraq after the tentative use of Euro and/or gold for trading).

A lot gets left out, as if actions by other world players did not alter what's happening. In particular Asia, Russia, Europe and the greater Palestine area.

I'm not too upset by the fact that some general had plans to "invade seven middle east countries in five years". What else should army generals do? Plan tea parties? That's their job, what they're paid for: plan wars. The fact that these wars get declared is a political decision, so far, not a military one.

It's very difficult to plan events long in advance. But events arise from a context. If you militarize a country, a region, and incite religious division, prevent peaceful settlements, heighten problems and exacerbate tensions, violence is going to inevitably erupt. If you have military forces in place, instead of embassies and grass-root level organizations, your only means of action is war. It's the old saying about every problem being a nail when all you have is a hammer...

The militaro-industrial complex is a good example of what I'm talking about. Aside from a few lunatics, no-one wants war. Yet many people work for the military industry (outside of purely military jobs). The arms manufacturing sector is thriving. If you ask individuals in that branch of the industry whether their goal is to achieve war, they'll probably be offended that you could even think their contribution to that effort is meaningful.
Yet the concerted effort of all involved results in the production of massive amounts of war-mongering machinery that HAS TO be sold in order for all to be gainfully employed. 
Stockpiling weapons does not produce enough demand, so their use is inevitable...

Don't have time to add more, but I welcome the discussion and will reply later.


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