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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Thoughts of impeachment...

Causal Crunch in Flickr reposted an article from Impeach For Peace about impeachment. This prompted me to put down in writing some of the thoughts I've had for a while...

Could it be that people that are reluctant to impeach are actually of the same class than those that comitted the acts? I postulate that the Republikrats or Demokans are just labels that can be switched around for decoration. The bottom line is that most of them belong to the owners class, some of them to the politikal class, and that these two classes have interests opposed to the class of workers. It so happens that both need the workers class, the first for production of wealth, the second for political power, and this is the source of some of the compromises granted from time to time, but the bottom line is that a substantial portion of the elected politicians have or hope to benefit from the measures that were edicted by the shrub.
Amongst the potential presidentiable, who would give up a chance to yield near total power?
Right now, the scenario is fairly clear: the winner takes all. The power grabbed by the next president would be quite unprecedented. If things are allowed to go on as they do, it creates a precedent that the next president and party in power can point to to justify similar behaviour.
Are Demokans incommodated by Republikrat's behaviour? You can bet it's not those of the owners or politikal classes that are...

If, on the other hand, a move to impeach was successful, and a rollback of most measures taken by the shrub's administration took place, the shuffle resulting would spell chaos in the politikal landscape. The Korporate class' support of politicians would shift, with unpredictable consequences to current seat-holders. It's not in their interests to take a risk that big.
As long as what's left of the middle class can be swung one side or the other, and the vote of the workers and dispossessed suppressed, both parties have more invested in the status quo.

Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. The smell of that absolute power is in the air...